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After working for one of the biggest gold shops in RuneScape’s history for over 2 years I realized that I was providing RuneScape’s community with one of the best services available. Because of this I realized that I was not willing to stop providing the RuneScape community with my service despite the gold shop closing down. I decided to invite one of my closest friends, who is also very fond of playing OSRS (OldSchool RuneScape), to start a new RuneScape gold shop and keep providing both the RS3(EOC) RuneScape players and the OSRS RuneScape players with the best available services and sell them gold (GP). That’s when Gold To Scape was born. We have been involved in RS3 since 2003 and OSRS since it’s first start and have been able to use years of experience to provide you with the best and safest service possible while buying, selling and swapping you OSGP & RS3 GP. Over the next couple of years we will continue to provide all of our customers this service; You won’t have to worry, we’re not going anywhere!


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