Here you will be able to buy great and secure Oldschool Runescape accounts for a fair price. All of our accounts were hand trained, wich means we didnt use any kind of third part programs to level up our accounts. We will never recover any of the accounts, and if in the future you get any issues like being hacked or something like that, we will be glad to help you to get your account back.

All of our accounts come with no email attached (except for the maxed stakers) or recovery questions done.

We dont buy runescape accounts, because all accounts we sell here were trained by us, to provide our customers the most safe way to buy an account.

Upon purchase, open a live chat with us and your Runescape account will be emailed to you through the email address you enter, and any questions can be asked through the live chat.

Terms Of Service
1. Once the account has been given to you I will not refund any payment given.
2. If the account gets banned I am not responsible in any way shape or form.
3. I am not HELD responsible for any bans/mutes/hacks after selling it to you.

Rune pure with 70 att!

Rune pure with 60 att!

1 def pure with 60 att!

Maxed staker

Starker staker